About Me

Digging in Beit She’an, Israel 1990

When my brother turned 13 and celebrated his Bar Mitzvah he got a subscription to Playboy Magazine. When I turned 13, I got a subscription to Biblical Archaeology Review. Digging up the past has always been a passion for me and I was fortunate enough to have participated at excavations while in University and even more recently.

Digging at Lachish, Israel 2016
Digging at Lachish, Israel 2016

Shalom! My name is Lorne Newman and I am from New York City. I fulfilled a lifelong dream and moved to Israel in 2012. After studying at the Jerusalem Culinary Institute and becoming a chef I realized my true passion was not in the kitchen but exploring the Land. I then attended a rigorous 2 year program to achieve my license as a professional guide.

Ein Avdat in Israel's southern Negev Desert
Ein Avdat in Israel’s southern Negev Desert

My education gave me the opportunity to learn about the history of this country through all time periods. I also enjoyed discovering the natural beauty while hiking in the deserts, mountains, valleys and caves. As a pro-Israel activist in college, I have been connected with this country all my life. I even worked as National Director of a Zionist organization helping college students stay active. I was fortunate enough to have met 3 Prime Ministers of Israel.

Performing in NYC 1999
Performing in NYC 2003

A good education is just the base. A number of guides describe themselves as ‘part-time stand up comedian’. I happened to be a full-time stand up comedian for 13 years performing in 33 states, 110+ towns and cities in the US with shows also in Canada and England. I bring my stand up career up not because I want to be the ‘funniest guide’ in the country but because I know how to communicate well with an audience.

My attitude towards clients is just as it was in my former career on stage. You are paying good money and deserve the best value. I create itineraries based on what you express an interest in. Perhaps you don’t want to visit a museum today so let’s change the program and check out a winery!


I live in Tel Aviv about a 5 minute walk to the beach. When I’m not guiding, I spend time getting together with friends, reading, cooking or going out to see the country. There are 30,000 registered archaeological sites in this country (and counting), more than any other place on Earth!  I hope you will choose to explore some of them with me.