Jerusalem History Tour

We begin this tour where it all began at the City of David. We will explore the site and see ruins which may be from the Palace. Reading from the Bible we will learn how King David captured this city and turned it into his capital of Israel around 1,000 BCE. Continuing along, we will walk through 2 dry tunnels trying to find the source of water.

While pointing out buildings atop the Tower of David a couple of friends took a selfie

We enter the Old City via the Jaffa Gate. Nearby is our next stop: The Tower of David. The Tower was actually built by King Herod but later believed to have been commissioned by King David. We will climb the staircase to the roof which gives us a magnificent panoramic view of the Old City.

Leaving the Tower we will walk through the Christian Quarter of the Old City (the other quarters are the Muslim, Jewish and Armenian) to get to our next destination. Along the way, we will have some time to barter with the local shopkeepers for some souvenirs.

Incense in the Suq

While reconstructing the Jewish Quarter in the 1970s a number of important archaeological discoveries were made. We have the chance to see some of them after taking a Lunch Break. Afterwards, we can descend from a monumental staircase towards the area of the Temple Mount. We will pass by a large golden Menorah which is displayed. Believe it or not but the gold is real!  Personally, I just wish it was filled with chocolate.

Jerusalem Archaeology Garden

Our next open-air site is one of the most dramatic in Israel. The Jerusalem Archaeology Garden exhibits the area around the Temple Mount in 70 CE. Here, you will be able to see clear evidence of the Roman destruction which was utterly complete.

The Western Wall

Our tour ends at the Western Wall. This is Judaism’s most sacred place to pray at. It has been a tradition by Jews for centuries to place a note in between the cracks of the wall, prayers for Above.