Nazareth, Cana and Mt. Tabor

This tour is for those who want to see places associated with Jesus in the Galilee. We will start off the day at Mt. Tabor (site of the Transfiguration) and then venture to Cana (the miracle of turning water into wine). The rest of the day will be spent in Nazareth.

1The Transfiguration, a seminal event as faithfully told in the Book of Mark 17 is celebrated at Mt. Tabor (cover photo). As we walk towards the building, you will notice ruins which belong to the Crusader Church that once stood here. Inside the Elijah chapel is a mosaic floor even earlier from the 4th century!

Roman Catholic Wedding Church

Next we will visit the site of the First Miracle: The turning of Water into Wine at the Wedding in Cana. Per usual, there are two churches which celebrate this event: the Greek Orthodox Wedding Church (which allows visitors but does not allow photographs) and the Roman Catholic Wedding Church (which allows visitors and photographs).

The Basilica of Annunciation

We now are ready to drive  to nearby Nazareth. Our tour will start at a square in front of the entrance to the Old City. After a brief introduction we will enter walking towards the Basilica of the Annunciation. It may be a good idea to stop for Lunch before we get there as we will be seeing a number of sites clustered together afterwards.

The courtyard of the church is decorated with mosaic depictions of the Madonna and Child from countries around the world. It is interesting to see some of the more exotic locales expressing this subject as natives. Upon entering the vast complex our eyes avert immediately to the Grotto with its Latin inscription “Here the Word became Flesh”.

Nazareth boasts many sites and churches built to commemorate events. We will have options as to where we can visit.